Student Life in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


The life of every student in the UAE is very exciting and immersive as the environment is very multi-cultural and inclusive. The country is sure to seize the interest of any individual seeking new experiences abroad with all the quirks and intricacies that come with learning a new culture and people.

As an education-driven nation with one of the highest literacy levels, the UAE continues to welcome a large number of foreign students from different parts of the world.

Students can find that whatever skills or interest that they possess, they are sure to find a corresponding program of study, and as such, they can fully function in their respective niche areas and get the best out of the education system in the country. Fields such as technology,business, and science are of keen interest to the country, as their system thrives very well in these areas.

Students can get involved in many career-driven activities organized by universities in the UAE. Higher institutions are generally inclined to assist students to reach their full potential with avenues such as internships and part-time jobs. Students can check with their international student body for many opportunities that make student life and education much easier. There are many networking events organized all year round to better foster student development and professionalism. Many of these events are organized in collaboration with foreign organizations
and world-famous innovators from various spheres of life, students receive first-hand exposure
to life after their studies.

Majority of the programs and institutions in the UAE use English as their language of instruction. But please do not expect that all aspect of university life is also ridden with western culture, as the Emiratis have their own culture and way of life. Despite the UAE being home to many foreign students from around the world, the institutions are also respectful of their Arab cultural practices. It is very important as a student in the UAE, to be respectful of their culture and maintain all the behavioral rules and decorum that is expected in the country.

The UAE people are respectful towards other cultures and lifestyles, but it is important to maintain discretion in all of your dealings while in the country and abide by the laws


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