Jobs for Students in the UAE

Jobs for Students in the UAE

The UAE is very favorable to students who seek for work alongside their studies, there are many part-time jobs and employment that pay really good with very considerable working hours.

The government of the UAE has made it a rule that every worker must have a day off and can only work 6 to 8 hours per day. Also noteworthy is the fact there is no official minimum wage and zero income tax on salaries in the country.

As a student in the UAE, in order to find part-time, work you must be 18 or over if younger than 18 there must be a notarized consent letter written by the student’s parents or wards.Part-time jobs in the UAE are readily available with over 150 areas of specializations and sectors that are human dependent and have various opportunities for employment.

One amazing thing in the UAE is that as a student you do not necessarily only work odd jobs but there are plenty of part-time career jobs in the country.Depending on student skills and interests, they can find suitable employment in many areas. Jobs in the UAE for students includes, but is not restricted to the following:

  • Graphic design jobs
  • Social Media expert jobs
  • Content writing and development jobs
  • Medical assistant jobs
  • Translators
  • Tour guides
  • Restaurant servers and waiters
  • Laundry and cleaning services
  • Home tutoring jobs
  • Substitute teacher roles
  • Online jobs
  • Sales management and monitoring jobs etc.

Useful Tips:

Most employers in the UAE require two main items which are;

A full-sized photograph or passport photograph properly showing the facial profile.

A well-written CV or Resume.

Another useful tip is to have proper or at least elementary knowledge of the Arabic language, this sets you apart in the eyes of the employer and sets you a few steps ahead. However, not every establishment requires this as many of them are international and have a need for English speakers alone.



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