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Britts Imperial College, UAE is an Academic Centre & Education Partner of  top-tier globally recognized British & European universities to offer Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral degree programs awarded by these universities to aspiring learners from across the globe. 

Steered by a team of Seasoned Educationalists as the Board of Governors, with decades of experience, Britts Imperial College boasts of a visionary leadership team from across the globe.  Britts Imperial College is accredited by various prestigious UK exam bodies and welcomes students from more than 31 countries. 

Top ranked university degrees accredited globally, parent university campus transfer to UK, Europe and USA with post study stay back and work opportunities, the ability to work while studying in UAE, hybrid teaching methodology coupled with scholarships and flexible payment structure, are the distinguishing factors at Britts Imperial College.

With a vibrant campus in the heart of Sharjah, best student housing in Dubai at affordable cost, Britts Imperial College boasts of a high student residence visa success rate. Dedicated student success mentors ensure the students get all the help that is needed along their journey and the placement department ensures a high employability quotient amongst the graduates.

Britts Imperial draws upon global best practices of pedagogy in online and on-campus learning, that results in providing an interactive peer-to-peer learning environment, developing advanced research capabilities and encourages students to work while they study to gain practical hands-on skills needed for employability. 

Through a broader choice of carefully designed majors in the disciplines of Business & Management, Engineering Management, AI & Data Science, Computer Science and Healthcare Management, Britts Imperial College ensures the students are Job Ready with the new age skills that the Industry demands. International Industry Faculty and student diversity of more than 31 nationalities coupled with internationally accredited degrees from reputed top ranked global universities with options of global mobility makes Britts Imperial College a truly global platform for fulfilling students’ global aspirations and ambitions.

Britts Imperial College stands proudly and will continue to be a beacon of excellence in higher education, with a determinedly international outlook, for generations to come



Our Vision

Britts Imperial College epitomises transformation of society by empowering individuals through the magic of New Age Higher Education. We envision a community of Alumni of Britts Imperial, who will lead the new industrial revolution and channelise their ambition to shape a better world. Our vision is to be that premier institution of higher education and research that transforms Global Learners into Global Leaders.

Our Mission

Our “MISSION” is to provide learners a platform to earn Globally accredited and acclaimed qualifications in futuristic fields coupled with practical skills which will shape the new world order. We are on a mission to make these reputable quality Global Degrees, affordable, flexible and achievable for the learners. We value the role of experiential learning and real world skills to make the learners Industry-ready. We strive to provide Global Diversity for the best peer learning environment and Global Mobility for empowering talented individuals to cross the borders of adversity into the lands of opportunity.


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Quality & Excellence

We strive for higher quality of curriculum, knowledge and industry expert faculties to drive excellence in research and higher education. We always partner with Universities of high repute, rankings and accreditations to offer Degrees that are globally accepted.


Relevance & New Age

We strive to keep the qualifications updated with the latest industry trends and ensure the right skills in demand are identified and imparted through the mode of higher education and research.

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Flexibility & Support

We adapt to the new trends in technology and usher in flexible modes of delivery and learning to support the learners who do more than just learning - working while learning. We structure the financial support for learners with scholarships, funding options and flexible payment plans. Our Student Success team ensures that individual support is lent to all learners to foster their true potential to achieve.

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Global Diversity & Global Mobility

We understand the importance of a globally connected one world. Diversity in the student diaspora and faculty members is constantly promoted by us. We value the importance of opportunity to cross barriers and showcase talent to those who welcome talent. Hence we strive to create a platform for global mobility of our learners across campuses across continents with the power of transnational educational partnerships and progressions.


Integrity & Compassion

We pursue the quality of being honest, ethical and truthful. We seek to nurture compassion, embody social justice, help and empower others to make a difference in the world.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We are committed to creating an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit amongst our learners.