Night Life in the United Arab Emirates

City at night - Dubai Marina

The UAE is one of the most visited countries in the world in the last decade and counting. Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi attract millions of visitors and tourists every year. These cities are extremely modern and beautiful with some of the most impressive technology ever created.

Towers and skyscrapers that are world-famous with many attractions such as one of the world’s largest mall, the world’s tallest most inhabited building, the biggest indoor aquarium and many more.

The country is bursting with many sights and activities and no visitor is lost for fun in this country. Students also enjoy the magnificent landscapes and the dynamic activities, from world stage concerts to dessert trips. Nightlife in the UAE is one of lights, people and many wonders.

We have to establish that public drinking and public sale and consumption of alcohol is highly prohibited in the UAE. Alcohol is only sold in the hotel, hotel bars, some restaurant bars, and night clubs. Many of these establishments are attached to a hotel as this is the only way they can be permitted to sell alcohol in the country. However, with a drinking license as a foreigner, you are pretty much covered.

Social life for a student can set you back at least 150 AED to 300 AED depending on the activity and if it involves casual drinking the money can go up 500 AED to 700 AED depending on the location and the hangout spot. There are many other activities like go-karting,sightseeing around the beautiful malls, visiting the cinema, skydiving, water sports and, falconry. New students enjoy a university organized tour across major emirate cities. The tour usually winds up with cultural performances and different foods.

Many venues across the city have concerts, awards, performances, and shows at different times in the year and quite often in the summer, the country welcomes many international acts that attract an international crowd. Also, brunches are very huge in the UAE, with many fun activities, unlimited food, and drinks that last the whole day into the early hours of the night.

The holiday period in the UAE is one of affluence and style as the streets are decorated in lights and psychedelic artistry. Buildings are also decorated in a very delicate but exquisite manner depicting the wealth and opulence that the country and its people embody.


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