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International University of Applied Sciences, Germany 



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2 Years

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MBA in International Marketing

Today, the world is shrinking through technology thereby making it easier for marketers to reach the global markets. If an organization wants to stay relevant in the world scenario, it has to be able to connect with customers globally to maintain its edge on the competitive front. International marketing is important for any organization to expand its target market and boost its brand reputation. 

 If you are someone who has a creative edge, is flexible, likes making a statement, and doesn’t give up then this is the perfect career path for you. This course will help expand your knowledge of marketing specifically in the areas of international branding and marketing of products and services. Among other things, you will learn how to implement quality customer relationship marketing (CRM) and increase customer value through an understanding of long-term customer loyalty. You will be able to analyze brand values and determine the factors that drive consumer-based brands. You’ll be able to confidently develop targeted marketing strategies and communicate them convincingly to your team. You will be able to be in the same Geography and sell products and services across the globe. This level of cross-border marketing will in turn help your organization generate a great deal of revenue.

 This degree will help you gain the strategic skills, creative execution ability, and cutting-edge knowledge to launch an international marketing career in a constantly shifting environment. You will be able to break through the noise and make a measurable impact on business objectives through marketing.

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Why take up MBA in International Marketing

If an international business has attracted your attention and you are planning to take up a course in this field, below are some compelling reasons that will add to your certainty.

It is a dynamic industry – One thing you will learn about your sales and marketing courses is that marketing is a dynamic and vibrant industry. The face of marketing is forever changing, which means that you will not stagnate in your career but will be at the forefront of new and exciting trends. This dynamic industry will keep you on your toes, as you will need to be completely up-to-date with everything that is happening in the world of sales and technology. This also provides a stimulating and challenging environment, perfect for someone who enjoys learning new things and meeting difficult situations head-on.

Vital to businesses and industries – Marketing is used by virtually every organization, both commercial and public, and the quality of that marketing often determines a business’s success or failure. Whether it’s a financial institution, fashion retailer, government department, e-business, or charity organization – each needs good marketing to succeed, and each requires a different kind of sell.

Impactful business function – If you look around you can find the impact of marketing everywhere, from commercials on YouTube to newspaper advertisements. Although marketing has been here for a while, it has spawned new disciplines instead of becoming obsolete. Conventional marketing has given way to multiple disciplines, including digital marketing, international marketing, and marketing management. A broad-spectrum marketing degree lets you explore all of these disciplines and select one that suits your interests.

Flaunt your creative edge – Marketing messages need to be constantly refreshed, renewed, and transformed to cut through the noise of competing messages. You have to continually work at new ways to approach a problem and think outside the square, and there’s no place for complacency. Few jobs hinge on creativity and innovation the way marketing does. You can apply your creativity in all sorts of ways – from developing big-picture marketing strategies to the details of what text and images to use.

Job Security Is a Given – As per a world report, during the COVID-19 public health crisis, market research analysts were one of the few occupations, alongside healthcare workers, that managed to flourish. In part, this is because research is a job easily performed remotely. During COVID-19, it was market analysts who found ways to reach new customers, perpetuate company brands, and cut costs for corporations whose income was negatively impacted by the lifestyle changes forced upon consumers by the COVID-19 virus. Corporations will always need skilled people to perform research, represent their brand worldwide, and find new and innovative ways to approach their target demographics.

Great Earning Potential & Solid Job Outlook – Marketing managers are known to be well-paid, even in the domestic scenario. Add the international element to it, and they will go way ahead of their contemporaries. Globally, the average salary for an International marketing manager is $97, 924 and the highest can go beyond $1,52,000. According to the BLS, job growth in this field has grown by 12 percent in the last decade.

The diverse career opportunities available after doing an MBA in International Marketing would be:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Chief International Marketing Officer
  • Channel Head
  • Product Strategy Manager
  • Corporate Communications Head
  • Strategic Global Marketing Manager
  • International Marketing Director and many more.

Bachelors/Graduation in any stream

  • Language proficiency documents

1. Dual degree awarded by  Europe’s largest private university (IU) and one of the UK’s oldest public universities (LSBU).           

2. Students can earn a dual degree (German plus a British Degree) without any additional studies.

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International University of Applied Sciences, Germany

+ London South Bank University, UK

(Dual Degree)

  • #1 University in Europe: Join Europe’s largest private university (IU) and one of the UK’s oldest public universities (LSBU) established in the year 1892, in the heart of London, with more than 88,000 students from 130+ countries.
  • Blended & Flexible: Offers outstanding, innovative digital learning materials and a great on-campus environment for success in your studies wherever you are. 
  • Fully Accredited Degree: All the degrees benefit from German state accreditation and are internationally recognized in major jurisdictions such as the EU, US, and the UK. 
  • Study at a 5-star rated University from QS: IU is the first German university that achieved a 5-star rating for Blended Learning from QS while LSBU has the reputation of University of the Year for ‘Graduate Employment’- The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018 & 2019.
  • International Focus, Practical Orientation: Major focus on practical training and an international outlook which gives IU graduates a decisive advantage: 94% of our graduates have a job within six months of graduation. Plus, the universities work closely with big companies such as Lufthansa, Sixt, and EY to give you great opportunities and insights. 
  • Dual Degree: Students can earn a German plus a British Degree without any additional studies and take a seamless transfer to the IU campuses in Germany for a dual country experience and the benefits of a Schengen region country (Dubai + Germany).