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2 Years

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MBA in Big Data Management

Did you know that 90% of all the data in the world has been generated in the past few years! Shocking isn’t it? Technological advancement and the arrival of new channels of communication (like social networking) and newer forms, stronger devices have presented a challenge to industry players, in the sense that it has overwhelmed them to find ways to handle the data generated. All this data is useful if processed but it had been neglected before the origin of Big data.

As the name suggests Big Data is a collection of huge data sets which normal computing technologies cannot process, it is not only limited to data but also includes the various framework, tools, and techniques. It is a field that creates ways to analyze, systematically extract information from large and complex data set that could not be dealt with by traditional data processing software.

Big Data analytics has revolutionized the field of IT by enhancing and adding added advantages to various organizations. With the development and increase in the use of apps and social media, people and businesses have moved online leading to a million users to such platforms daily, scaling up data move than ever before. This has led to increasing demand for organizations to invest in their existing business to gain a market edge & for professionals who understand Big Data.  

Analyzing data

Why take up MBA in Big Data Management

A lot of people think a generic MBA degree is the gateway to professional success and good life, but the last few years have not been great for MBA graduates, according to a Forbes report MBA jobs have declined by 34% in recent times. However, with the launch of Industry 4.0 & Big Data, the MBA course powered by Big data is creating a lot of buzz, and companies across global are making huge investments into it. Senior Executives of top firms have expressed the risk of becoming uncompetitive and irrelevant if they do not embrace big data.

With the ability of Big Data to analyze data from various sources like a black box, social media, stock market, power grid, transport, healthcare, search engine, etc. the diversity of its scope of application can be correlated to job openings in various sectors. 

Any individual willing to study MBA in Big Data can look forward to increasing their speed and efficiency in handling and analyzing information which could be used for strategic decisions making for the organization giving them a competitive edge against their colleague and seniors. 

10 positive reasons why you should choose this course:

  1. Soaring demand for analytics professionals
  2. The role of Big Data Analytics is a top priority role in a lot of organization 
  3. Develop advance technological skills and outrace your colleague 
  4. Big Data Analytics is needed in every sector
  5. It will provide a substantial jump in your annual income 
  6. You can acquire skills that can take you to the path of an entrepreneur
  7. It will provide a platform for a career change into thriving industries
  8. Develop problem-solving ability with help of technological skills
  9. Pursue MBA online/part-time without affecting your current working status
  10. Provides dynamic career options with managerial skills 
  • Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Solution Architect
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Analytics Associate
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  • Metrics and Analytics Specialist

Bachelors/Graduation in any stream

  • Language proficiency documents

This course is made up of three semesters and fourteen modules, for which the breakup is as follows. All the learners who complete this course will attain 90 ECTS which is equivalent to 180 UK credits.

Semester 1

Module List

Semester 2

Module List

Semester 3

Module List

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