Student networking: How it can help

Networking What is it?

Meeting and creating relationships with other experts in your field is what networking implies. It’s utilized to form commercial alliances, as well as to identify, generate, and explore business opportunities like expanding into new markets abroad.

Networking is a vital part of a person’s career development from the time they choose a job path until the time they retire.

You are constantly networking, whether you recognize it or not. Family, friends, and classmates are more likely to connect you. Employees, professors, and students are all excellent information sources. For example: Brilliant on-campus classroom experience for peer-to-peer networking at Britts Imperial with live online lectures.

Why is Networking Important?

Networking has become incredibly vital in today’s environment. It could even be necessary. Professional networks can lead to more business prospects as well as higher professional prestige. Forming ties with other people in your field or doing similar things as you is a common part of networking. This means that your networking contacts may be able to lead you to job chances.

How do you Network?

It’s a good idea to start before you graduate from university so you have contacts within firms when you depart. But, as a student, how do you genuinely “network”? And how can you keep from embarrassment?

To start building and eventually expanding your network, consider these helpful suggestions and thoughts on the value of networking as a student. Step outside of your comfort zone, form a professional network, and see where it leads. Your life and career will be shaped by the experiences you have, the memories you make, and the relationships you form. College provides you with a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Participate in networking events

Although it may seem self-evident, many students avoid networking. It doesn’t have to be unpleasant or stressful to network. Volunteering, joining student groups, and attending seminars are all excellent ways to meet new people.You might also attend networking events in the field in which you wish to work after graduation.


There should be more to research than a quick Google search. You must know who will be attending the event and what you will gain from it. Once you’ve figured out who’ll be there, use LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more about the firm or individual you’d like to talk with so you can come up with some solid questions to ask. It can also assist with your nerves.

“This is your chance to speak directly to recruiters and ask questions about the company,” Megan Judkins, a recruiting coordinator at the Sanctuary Group, explains. You can inquire about their application process and the skills you’ll need to display in order to be considered.

Connect through social media

You have impressed a recruiter if they give you their business card. However, it is critical that you follow up. As soon as possible, send them a follow-up email or tweet.

Building these connections fosters participation both within and outside of the classroom. This network enriches the student experience by providing assistance, fellowship, and the opportunity for long-term friendships. This type of network will enhance your college experience and will last a lifetime. Getting to know those who are successful in their roles or have additional experiences that translate to real-life guidance is a popular perception of networking, but it is much more. Including ambitious professionals in your network is a long-term and short-term investment for both them and you.

Prepare a speech

People at networking events are often overworked and inundated with requests to talk with them. It can be even more difficult to stand out as a student. If this is the case, try presenting a one-minute elevator pitch about who you are, what you’re studying, and what you want to do once you graduate. But don’t forget to ask questions as well.


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