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International University of Applied Sciences, Germany


120 ECTS

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2 Years

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MSc in Artificial Intelligence

If you are a strong believer in smart work with minimal human intervention and efficient output, then Artificial Intelligence can be your go-to career choice. There are so many amazing ways artificial intelligence is used behind the scenes to impact our everyday lives, like self-driving cars, robotic assistants, web search recommendations, algorithms for AI programs, and automated disease diagnoses.

Intelligence machines are influencing nearly every facet of our lives to help improve efficiencies and augment our human capabilities. Many businesses take up artificial intelligence (AI) technology to try to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue, and improve customer experience. As business leaders and innovators race to reach the promise of artificial intelligence to deliver a competitive advantage as well as cost and time savings, the technology is altering industries from finance to manufacturing with new products, processes, and capabilities. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to deliver some of the most significant and disruptive innovations of this century. And as an expert with an MSc degree in AI, you will be at the center of this disruption. You will be instrumental in helping increase the business revenue, making the consumer experience better, helping with the introduction of newer and improved products, and bringing about changes in the production process by helping automate it with thereby ensuring the highest level of efficiency.

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Why take up MSc in Artificial Intelligence ?

The skill of the century offering a future-proof career –  The future of work involves automation.  As AI is entirely going to change the face of humanity, it would be exciting to be a part of this breakthrough transformation. AI is regarded as the skill of the century, as there is no boundary to its ever-emerging applications. Acquiring such a skill will future-proof your career. The rise of AI in the commercial world will also create many job opportunities in various industries.

Versatile field – Artificial intelligence has got everything in the bag to stand out from the crowd. The use of AI will eventually affect many facets of human life rather than merely computer and space-related industries. It also plays a significant role in banking, healthcare, security, fraud detection, legality, and much more. A recent unique and novel example would be a Malaysian court in Sabah introducing the use of AI in sentencing.

Booming market & growing jobs – MarketsandMarkets forecasts the global artificial intelligence (AI) market size to grow from USD 58.3 billion in 2021 to USD 309.6 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 39.7% during the forecast period. It is creating more than 130 million roles in all major sectors. AI jobs account for an average of 18% of jobs in most companies. 

Remunerative career – Artificial intelligence salaries benefit from the perfect recipe for a sweet paycheck: a hot field and high demand for scarce talent. In the current business scenario, anything artificial intelligence-related is in very high demand. According to Indeed.com, the average IT salary — the keyword is “artificial intelligence engineer” — in the States ranges from approximately $134,135 per year for “software engineer” to $169,930 per year for “machine learning engineer.” However, it can go much higher if you have the credentials firms need. 

Enhances presence in the hiring market – AI skills help you expand avenues in your careerwhile endowing you with an understanding of Data Science skills. This will help you receive the best of both worlds as these skills go hand in hand. Also, any bits of intelligence developed to forecast will require the knowledge of Data Science. With the right combination of skills, you will be considered a great hire and a promising asset across organizations.

Potential impact on society – The use of AI is capable of creating, transforming, and improving many facets of human life. For example, farming in the United States has been made easier with Farmlogs, a software that provides farmers with information about the weather and soil as well as tracking plant growth to achieve better profits. Some countries are even implementing AI in improving environmental planning, disaster management, and crime prevention.

Some of the most promising career opportunities and industries related to Artificial intelligence are as follows:

  • Opportunities - AI Developer, AI Data Analyst, Analytics Manager, Research Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Software Developer, Software Architect, Full Stack Developer, Principal Software Engineer, Big Data Architect, Business Intelligence Developer, Product Manager, AI Engineer, Robotics Engineer, IoT Specialist

  • Industries - Healthcare, Customer service, Airline industry, Cybersecurity, Education, Marketing, Retail, and E-Commerce, Financial Markets and Services

Bachelors/Graduation in any stream

  • Language proficiency documents


This course is made up of two semesters and nine modules, for which the breakup is as follows. All the learners who complete this course will attain 60 ECTS which is equivalent to 120 UK credits.

Semester 1

Module List

Semester 2

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120 ECTS

This course is made up of four semesters and seventeen modules, for which the breakup is as follows. All the learners who complete this course will attain 120 ECTS which is equivalent to 240 UK credits.

Semester 1

Module List

Semester 2

Module List

Semester 3

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Semester 4

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