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MBA in I.T. Management

You might think that the MBA is a degree in business administration and tends to have little in common with information technology. While business and technology are two separate fields, they need each other for guidance, efficiency, and seamless operations. Getting an MBA for IT combines both fields into one degree enabling an individual to fulfil all the requirements for the managerial positions and exercise their IT and business knowledge for the betterment of the IT department and the organization

MBA in Information Technology Management includes Business ethics, Microeconomics, Statistics, Accounting, Finance and Management which helps the students understand how to run the business side of the information technology department in an efficient manner. It also helps a student become effective at handling issues such as budgeting for hardware purchases and managing IT staff as well as having the skills to communicate with upper management.

MBA degree in IT Management will give access to existing IT professionals working in the fields of computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, web development, technical support, and many other related technical occupations to also explore the business and management part of any organization, leading to an even higher-salaries paying managerial positions.

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Why take up MBA in I.T. Management?

Booming industry – An information technology professional with an advanced degree backing them up can find work in a wide range of environments. The public and private sectors are open to you, as are jobs requiring security clearance, or other access to sensitive information. You can often find work remotely, or in person, as you prefer; likewise, according to personal preference, you can take on jobs that involve working alone or with a team of like-minded individuals.

Endless Opportunities – The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that professional occupations within the field of information technology to grow at a pace of 12% through the year 2028. A 12% job growth far exceeds the national average of all occupations combined. 

Earning Prospects – According to the BLS in 2018, the MBA in information technology salary averaged $142,350 per year. The earning potential is excellent, and the industry is poised for fast growth over the next 10 years. 

Climb up the ladder – In addition to expert know-how, you will deepen your knowledge in the area of general management leading you to various managerial and leadership positions in the IT Industry.

Global Mobility and Professional Growth – As an IT manager you have one of the top in-demand positions that industry, public sector, and government have to offer. Whether you deal with information management in a department or with data centre management in the worldwide operating enterprise, this fascinating role gives you the chance to gain unique insights into almost any domain of international organisations.

Ever-evolving industry – With new technologies and applications emerging every day, an IT graduate must keep up with all the updated tech as well as skills on a very frequent basis. However, an IT Professional armed with an MBA will find more stability considering the universal management principles, making it a sound investment in one’s future, particularly given there are very few professionals who have the rare combination of technical education, technical experience and business acumen.

  • I.T. Sales Head
  • I.T. Support Manager
  • Project Lead
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Key Client Account Manager
  • I.T. Business Analyst
  • Senior I.T. Consultant
  • Program Manager
  • Department Head
  • Team Lead, and many more.

There are a range of career opportunities involved in information technology. Some of these can be high-profile: jobs in cybersecurity, for example, are currently growing at a rate which exceeds even that of IT careers in general, and the pay scales for such careers are also going up. There are industry-specific IT careers, such as those affiliated with the medical, manufacturing, energy and transportation industries: many of these require substantial knowledge of industry-specific terms and concepts.

Bachelors/Graduation in any stream

  • Language proficiency documents

This course is made up of three semesters and fourteen modules, for which the breakup is as follows. All the learners who complete this course will attain 90 ECTS which is equivalent to 180 UK credits.

Semester 1

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Semester 2

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Semester 3

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