Apply for Student Visa

Students who require a Student Visa may contact the Admissions Office who will then assist with the Student Visa formalities. The student will have to remit Student Visa application charges of USD 1,100. The process normally takes up to 3 weeks; hence, the students are advised to remit the visa charges as early as possible. Students can find further information on the Student Visa here.

  • Normally within 3 weeks of having applied for the student visa, the immigration will issue a Student Residence Visa Entry using which the student can travel to UAE.


  • Preview copy of the Entry Permit will be shared with the student, which serves as a confirmation of the student visa. Student will have to remit the Tuition Fee or the Instalment due as per the Admission Confirmation Letter within 2 weeks of having received the preview copy of the Entry Permit.


  • After having entered the UAE, the student will need to complete the Emirates ID and visa stamping process which can take up to 60 days.